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An old maritime village with ferry, embraced by the river Yare

Reedham is a village with a waterfront, where life follows the rhythmic pace of the river ferry, taking a few cars at a time across the River Yare.

The Reedham chain ferry.

From the A47 follow pretty lanes all the way to the most southerly point of Broadland. It feels like it’s on the edge of the world, where the ferry chain clanks steadily and breezes ruffle the river surface, carrying the scent of the North Sea from several miles away.

For centuries this was watery marshland and Reedham was a coastal village when the North Sea reached much further inland than Great Yarmouth. King Edmund of East Anglia once lived here and it was important to Romans too, as they had a lighthouse to guide their shipping all those centuries ago. You can still spot parts of Roman bricks within the church walls. Look out for the Polkey’s Mill, once part of network of windmills, sails turned towards the easterly wind, responsible for draining these marshes for farming.

Reedham riverside and swing bridge.

Today the ferry is a fun and essential service, much loved by children and drivers, who are also saved a long round trip. The lovely mainline train station feels like a vintage step back in time, and is a great way to reach Reedham, to start wonderful walks across the marshes, where all you can hear are the birds and you feel like you can see forever. The Reedham Swing Bridge allows the train to travel on to the horizon, and it’s worth a watch if larger boats are coming through.

Riverside Reedham.

After your walk, come back to Reedham for a rest by the river, then restore yourself with afternoon tea at the old post office or a drink and a hearty meal at any of the lovely riverside restaurants and pubs. Pettit’s Animal Adventure Park is also close by and great fun, especially for families.

Visit Reedham, and escape the world for a walk under an enormous sky.