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H is for Hunstanton

Sunny Hunny, that’s what we call it, because even if Phoebe’s not out (that’s an alternative name for the sun in Norfolk), then worry ye not… Sunny Hunny in west Norfolk will brighten your mood!

Hunstanton cliffs rockpooling West Norfolk

A classic seaside resort with all the traditional attractions (and distractions) for a great family holiday – amusements, helter skelter, swimming pools, pony rides and summer season theatre. Discover also the elegant old Victorian town with its sedate Esplanade Gardens.

Hunstanton beach cricket multi-generation family

Lively and buzzing, you’ll also love the enormous, award-winning, sandy beach with safe, shallow water that provides a vast playground. Here you’ll find some of the best conditions in the country for kite-surfing, land boarding, sailing and water skiing. Or fly a kite, kick a ball about, and you also have the perfect flat conditions for beach cricket. Oh, and it’s an ace place for low tide rock-pooling!

Hunstanton cliffs and lighthouse aerial Mike Page

Hunstanton’s stunning striped cliffs of Carr stone and red and white chalk rise above the sea to the north of the town. From up here you can see across the water to Holland! (Not really, it’s actually Lincolnshire across The Wash, but try it on someone).

As the only west-facing resort on the east coast of Britain, Hunstanton basks in sunshine long into the evening and visitors can enjoy spectacular sunsets from the promenade.

At Old Hunstanton, the original fishing village before the Victorians came by railway, you’ll find the start of the Norfolk Coast Path.

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