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Biofluorescent Night Walks Launch in Norfolk

Reveal Nature, a Norfolk start-up company, introduces an extraordinary and innovative experience with their guided night walks that delve into the realm of Biofluorescence.

Through the use of specialised UV torches, the landscape undergoes a mesmerizing transformation akin to the fantastical world of Pandora from the Avatar movies. Witness spiders radiate in brilliant blue hues, leaves ablaze in vibrant red, fungi emitting neon green glow, lichens illuminating in orange, and flowers metamorphosing into a dazzling array of colours, shimmering and sparkling under the captivating spell of UV light.

Biofluorescence is the ability of certain organisms to reflect light in a different colour than the one they absorbed. It is usually a response to Ultraviolet (UV) light and comes in an assortment of bright and wonderful colours.

Reveal Nature offers exclusive guided Biofluorescent night walks in various locations across Norfolk, where small groups of 10-15 individuals are equipped with their own UV torches and led on a journey to explore this magical phenomenon.

As pioneers in offering Biofluorescent night walks in the country and among the first worldwide, Reveal Nature presents an unparalleled opportunity for an exceptional experience in Norfolk. Deepdale Farm, Burnham Deepdale, Hoveton Great Broad, Mousehold Heath, Broadland Country Park, and several other locations in the county are among the picturesque settings where these walks are available.

Alongside Biofluorescent night walks Reveal Nature also offer a range of other nature connection experiences such as forest bathing, aromatic adventures and microscopic marvels. Whether it’s exploring the hidden miniature world we don’t normally get to see, or taking an aromatic journey led by your nose, they offer a different perspective on nature.

Director of Reveal Nature David Atthowe says “It is my dream to see people spend more time outdoors and deepen their connection with nature. I want to share the magic of Biofluorescence with as many people as possible. It is something that has to be seen, felt and experienced directly for yourself.”

“Almost every walk we go out on there is a new discovery to be made and always plenty of ‘wow moments’. I have discovered this year that moles and hedgehogs glow bright blue under UV, suddenly the fictional character of Sonic the hedgehog seems a lot more real than you might imagine.”

For more information about Reveal Nature and to sign up for any of the walks please go to: