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RSPB dogs' breakfast at Winterton-on-Sea beach

17 August 2018

Dogs and owners are invited to join the RSPB at Winterton-on-sea beach for their Dogs’ Breakfast drop-in event this Saturday 18 August, 8-11am. The event will highlight how beach users can work together to ‘share our shores: for happy dogs, happy people, happy wildlife'. CBeebies presenter Jess French and her dog Baxter are backing the campaign.

Welly walks in Norfolk

16 August 2018

It’s that time of the year when you want to get outside after the dark Winter. So whack on the wellies, grab a warm coat and squelch around Norfolk to your heart’s content…

Felbrigg Hall’s plants weathering the heatwave

15 August 2018

While the hot weather is putting strain on many traditional garden plants, the unusual and exotic planting at the National Trust’s Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk is thriving. With an extended period of high temperatures and lack of rainfall in the region, these sun-loving plants are basking in the sunshine to put on a stunning display.

Seven Natural Wonders of Norfolk

14 August 2018

The best-protected chalk river in Europe, the highest point in East Anglia, the longest chalk reef in the world, the largest seal colony in England, the last land link between the UK and the Continent, one of the first industrial centres in Europe and the warmest, driest area in the country... these are the seven natural wonders of Norfolk.

Summer wildlife in Norfolk

13 August 2018

The long days of Summer make it a great time to discover Norfolk's wildlife. Here Norfolk Wildlife Trust's David North gives us his Top 10 wildlife spectacles to look out for during the Summer.

Head outdoors in Norfolk

10 August 2018

The days are warmer and longer - now is the perfect time to head outdoors to have fun. From splashing around in the sea and making sandcastles on our beautiful beaches to discovering wildlife and nature in the Broads and Brecks,or being a flaneur in Norwich, you’ll never be short of exciting adventures.

Ben Fogle's Norfolk adventure

6 August 2018

Adventurer Ben Fogle has rowed the Atlantic, climbed Everest and dragged a sledge across Antarctica, but now he's come to Norfolk to try some outdoor activities. Hear him talk about the delights of south Norfolk, Great Yarmouth, the Brecks, King's Lynn and our Royal connections.

Summer Spirit as Cley Calls to art and nature lovers

3 August 2018

A long summer weekend of wildlife and creativity inspired by the unique North Norfolk landscape is coming to Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Cley Marshes Nature Reserve, from Thursday 2nd until Sunday 5th August.

New Pensthorpe exhibit raises awareness of fragile wetlands

2 August 2018

Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham, has opened the doors to its latest new attraction, the Wetland Discovery Area, which is intended to educate visitors about the importance and fragility of wetland habitats and to inspire them to help protect them.

Broads top 5 cycle rides

31 July 2018

Peter Howe, owner of Broadland Cycle Hire, one of the leading cycle hire operators on the Norfolk Broads, gives us his favourite cycle rides.

Emperor strikes back at Sheringham Park

31 July 2018

The rarely seen Purple Emperor butterfly has been spotted at the National Trust’s Sheringham Park for a third year running, suggesting Norfolk now has its first breeding colony.

Wild Summer fun at RSPB Strumpshaw

26 July 2018

Parents looking to keep children busy throughout the summer holidays can rely on RSPB Strumpshaw Fen nature reserve, just twenty minutes outside Norwich, for a truly ‘wild’ day out. Families can leave the gadgets at home this summer, and reconnect with the great outdoors by coming along to their local nature reserve to make magical memories and spend quality time together.

Rare little tern chicks take their first flight

10 July 2018

Little tern-agers on east Norfolk beaches prepare to make their return journey to West Africa.

On The Great Pingo Trail

5 July 2018

Get your Indiana Jones hat on and get out on The Great Eastern Pingo Trail. It's a gentle 8 miles (12.9km) of tracks and trails exploring the eastern edge of the Brecks.

Don't keep taking the tablets... digital-free Norfolk

19 June 2018

With the world and his wife and their children constantly fixated by their smart phone, tablets and other digital devices, wouldn’t it be nice to get offline for a while? It used to be that the internet was an escape from the real world, now the real world is increasingly an escape from the internet! And where better to get away from it all than Norfolk, with stunning countryside, more than 90 miles of coast and the unique Norfolk Broads…

Brecks birdlife top 12

5 June 2018

Norfolk is probably the best place in the UK to see a huge diversity of birdlife, not least in the Brecks where the remaining areas of precious heath are being positively managed for the benefit of wildlife and the area’s coniferous plantations form an important habitat for a number of species. In no particular order here are 12 species of Breckland birds to keep an eye out for.

Broads birdlife top 12

5 June 2018

Nestled in the flatlands between the North Sea and Norwich, the Norfolk Broads are one of the UK's most important areas for wildlife. The shallow lakes, marshes, fens, reedbeds and damp woodlands of the Broads contain more than 11,000 different types of plants, invertebrates, birds and mammals.

Coast birdlife top 12

5 June 2018

Norfolk is lucky enough to have a long, varied coastline full of wildlife-rich mudflats, estuaries, sand dunes, shingle ridges, beaches and grazing marshes. It’s also home to some of the country’s top birdwatching sites including NWT Cley Marshes, Holme Dunes and RSPB Titchwell.

Where to see coastal wildlife

5 June 2018

David Diggens of gives us his Top 10 great places to see coastal wildlife in Norfolk.

Woods birdlife top 12

5 June 2018

Away from the big skies of its coast, Norfolk boasts an impressive rural landscape dotted with large areas of deciduous woodland. These include: NWT Foxley Wood, between Norwich and Fakenham, Norfolk’s largest ancient woodland; NWT Lower Wood, Ashwellthorpe; NWT Wayland Wood near Watton, the supposed setting for the ‘Babes in the Wood’ legend; and NWT Thursford Wood just outside Fakenham, which contains some of the oldest oak trees in the county.

Norfolk gardens top 10

16 May 2018

Norfolk has a huge collection of gardens, from small higgledy-piggledy cottage gardens to wonderfully relaxing water gardens and magnificent stately home gardens. You can't beat wandering around someone else's garden and enjoying the rewards of all their hard work!

Top dog-friendly parks and woods

30 April 2018

Norfolk welcomes dogs and their owners, and we can promise lots of opportunities to run around on our coast and beaches and in the countryside. Here's our favourite dog-friendly parks and woods to explore.

Spring wildlife in Norfolk

12 April 2018

Spring is the time when Norfolk bounces back to life, and the county's fauna and flora does the same. Here David North of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust gives us the Top 10 natural spectacles to look out for during the Spring months...

Where to see Broads wildlife

9 April 2018

The Broads National Park is the largest wetland area in the UK and one of the most important in Europe, and it’s a haven for birds and all kinds of wildlife. Indeed, there are more rare species in the Broads than anywhere else in Britain. But where is the best place to see it? Let us tell you...

Norfolk's Winter Wildlife Safari

2 March 2018

Winter is the best time to see wildlife in Norfolk. At this time of year particularly, Norfolk is the UK's birdwatching capital, but there are other things to see too. Take your pick from migrating swans and geese to otters, seals and red deer.

Winter wildlife in Norfolk

7 February 2018

Norfolk has some of the best wildlife in the county, and Winter is the best time to see some of it! Here David North of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust gives us the Top 10 wildlife spectacles to look out for during the Winter months...

Autumn wildlife in Norfolk

12 November 2017

Norfolk has some of the best wildlife in the country. Here Norfolk Wildlife Trust's David North gives us his Top 10 wildlife spectacles to look out for during the Autumn.

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