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Discover historic King's Lynn

21 February 2018

King's Lynn is the capital of West Norfolk and has a rich and fascinating maritime heritage. The River Great Ouse flows into the town from the Wash and provides a reminder of the town's vibrant past as one of the major trading ports of England. A member of the powerful Hanseatic League during the late Middle Ages, the town's merchants grew rich importing fish from Scandinavia, timber from the Baltics and wine from France.

Norwich Castle: The Square Box on the Hill

21 February 2018

Standing atop the largest man-made mound in the country, Norwich Castle has dominated the City’s skyline ever since the 12th century; but what is the story of Norwich’s iconic and much-loved square box on the hill? An intriguing exhibition explores the history of Norwich’s iconic and much-loved ‘square box on the hill’, featuring never-before-seen archives and artefacts from Norwich Castle’s 900-year history.

Our Low Country and Dutch links

21 February 2018

Norwich has long been a busy cultural capital, heavily settled by those who had come over the North Sea, including the Dutch and Huguenots escaping religious persecution, and even emigres from the French Revolution. Yes, the North Sea has always been a carrier, not a barrier, and even today it's quicker to get from Norwich to Amsterdam than it is London!

Half term February 2018 family fun at Norfolk Museums

15 February 2018

Children across Norfolk can enjoy February 2018 half-term fun as museums around the county put on special events and activities to bring history to life. Sites at Norwich, Thetford, Great Yarmouth, Gressenhall and King’s Lynn will all be offering half-term activities for families.

Top museums in Norfolk

26 January 2018

Norfolk boasts over 50 museum and historic sites, welcoming visitors and explaining the county’s unique and fascinating heritage. We’ve chosen our top 10, including Norwich Castle, Time & Tide, Bridewell and Ancient House.

Normans in Norfolk top 10

25 January 2018

Before The Friendly Invasion of the United States Air Force in 1942, the biggest landscape and cultural impact in Norfolk’s history was the arrival of the all-Conquering Normans. And what they’ve left behind, a thousand years on, is a rich heritage of monuments to their ecclesiastical piety and military prowess.

Castles in Norfolk

16 January 2018

What could be more fun than running around imagining that you’re the king of a Norfolk castle and everyone else is a jolly old rascal. There are seven in Norfolk to visit - Norwich Castle, Castle Rising, Castle Acre, Thetford Castle, Baconsthorpe Castle, Burgh Castle and Caister Castle.

Norwich Cathedral top 12

11 January 2018

Norwich’s magnificent Norman Cathedral is one of the city’s iconic buildings, dominating the skyline with a 315ft spire that is second in height only to Salisbury. Here are 12 things to see and do in one of the Seven Wonders of Norfolk…

Romans, Boudicca and Iceni in Norfolk

11 January 2018

Norfolk has a rich and varied history of invasion and conquest, but it was the Romans who came here first and put their stamp on the county, much of which you can still see today in some beautiful and diverse locations. Their story includes Queen Boudicca, the original exponent of Girl Power, and her Iceni tribe, the magnificent Roman Burgh Castle at Great Yarmouth and Roman regional capital at Venta Icenorum at Caistor St Edmund near Norwich.

Earl of Leicester's favourite stately homes

2 January 2018

The Earl of Leicester of Holkham Hall on the north Norfolk countryside gives us a guided tour of the historic houses of Norfolk, including Sandringham, Blickling, Houghton and Oxburgh.

Norfolk's American connections

2 January 2018

The historical connections between Norfolk and North America began in the 17th century, when a large number of migrants moved to the newly-created colonies. Norfolk was the county that provided the biggest percentage of known passengers on The Mayflower. It was also birthplace of Thomas Paine, the man whose work helped fuel the American War of Independence. And Pocahontas and John Rolfe were America's opening First Couple and the pairing that created the Special Relationship.

The couple that began The Special Relationship

20 December 2017

Native American Pocahontas and her Norfolk husband John Rolfe have a very special American claim to fame - not only did they have the first inter-racial church wedding in US history, their pairing helped establish the English colony in Virginia, and ensured the creation of the United States of America. Without this First Couple of the Colony, Americans might be speaking Spanish, Dutch or French instead of English! This was the start of the Special Relationship.

Explore Nelson in Norfolk

15 December 2017

We’re very proud here in Norfolk that we gave our country its greatest naval commander. And here’s how you can discover Horatio Nelson in his home county, taking in Great Yarmouth, Norwich and his birthplace at Burnham Thorpe, monuments, portraits and even a taste of Nelson's Blood!

Historic Great Yarmouth top 10

15 December 2017

Described by Charles Dickens’ character Peggotty in David Copperfield as the ‘finest place in the universe’, Great Yarmouth isn’t just about amusement arcades, thrilling rides and enormous beaches - it also has a rich and proud maritime heritage and its prosperous herring fishery made it one of the wealthiest towns in Britain in years gone by.

Norfolk's 'Downton Abbeys'

8 December 2017

Norfolk’s history of wealthy landowners means a legacy of magnificent stately homes that are open to the public. Our very own Downton Abbeys include Sandringham, the Royal family’s country retreat, Holkham Hall, Houghton Hall, the home of Britain’s first Prime Minister, and the National Trust owned Blickling Hall, Felbrigg Hall and Oxburgh Hall.

Norfolk's top 10 wool churches

7 December 2017

Rich from the textile trade, a significant slice of East Anglia’s wealth went into church building in the 14th and 15th centuries. Here’s a selection of 10 outstanding Wool Churches each of them providing a breathing space from the rush and noise of the modern day world and a link to our country’s spiritual and cultural heritage.

The Norfolk man who fomented American Revolution

2 November 2017

Educated at Thetford Grammar School in Norfolk, Thomas Paine went on to incite and inspire not one but TWO revolutions, in France and, most famously, in America. His statue in his home town is inscribed: ‘World Citizen, Englishman by birth, French citizen by decree, American by adoption’. In fact, his words SAVED the American War of Independence!

Top 10 Norwich notables

18 October 2017

Norwich used to be the second city in England, so it's no wonder it's seen a lot of characters in its time, from the man who helped defeat the French at Agincourt and the circus owner who inspired The Beatles, to the lady who gave Julie Andrews one of her most famous singing lines and the original Nosey Parker.

History of Norfolk seaside holidays

8 January 2017

The seaside holiday is a great British tradition dating back to the 1700s and with such stunning coastline it is easy to understand why people have always loved to holiday in Norfolk by the sea. From beautiful stretches of soft golden sands to characteristic pebbled beaches, quaint beach huts lining the coastline to the buzz of activity at the family resorts, there is something for all ages to enjoy in Norfolk.

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