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Beer and brewing in Norfolk

2 April 2020

North Norfolk has the ideal conditions for growing malt barley for beer – a perfect combination of soil type, height (yes, in Norfolk!) and the maritime climate of salty sea frets (that’s mist to you and I). So it’s no surprise that Norfolk has over 50 breweries – putting it in the top three in the country. And with that number of breweries, you can tell that Norfolk likes its beer! Oh, and we have over 1000 pubs too.

Now is not the time for tourism - we'll see you when it's safe!

2 April 2020

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Norfolk in future, but now is not the time. We ask people not to come while the country endures the pandemic and until it is safe again. For residents and people who are already here, please act responsibly and conform to government guidelines on social distancing and staying at least 2 metres away from others. Please stay safe.

A brief history of Norwich time - and how to enjoy it today

1 April 2020

It was 19th century writer George Borrow who named Norwich ‘a fine city’ – you’ll see it mentioned on the name signs as you enter – and another writer, JB Priestley, said of the city, ‘What a grand, higgledy-piggledy, sensible old place Norwich is!’ But how much of its history do you know? Let us take you on a whirlwind trip through time...

Plans for making Norfolk a unique tourism destination… as an island

1 April 2020

Ambitious plans originally created by 17th century Dutch engineers could be revived to make Norfolk an island tourism destination. In 1651, Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden built the first sluice at Denver as part of a scheme to drain the Fens but he also drew up an idea that would allow shipping to travel from the port of King’s Lynn all the way to Great Yarmouth without going through the dangerous Happisburgh Sands.

Top 10 Norwich notables

1 April 2020

Norwich used to be the second city in England, so it's no wonder it's seen a lot of characters in its time, from the man who helped defeat the French at Agincourt and the circus owner who inspired The Beatles, to the lady who gave Julie Andrews one of her most famous singing lines and the original Nosey Parker.

22 practices to well-being in Norfolk

30 March 2020

You live a busy life with a hectic schedule. You’re tired all the time and stressed. If you tick those two boxes, then you need to spend time in Norfolk. Come and recharge your batteries, find some balance and calm, where there are no distractions, and rediscover a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy in stunning surroundings. Here’s our top tips for places to go and things to do for well-being and mindfulness when you visit Norfolk. This is the place to be aware of living in the present moment.

39 fabulous facts about the Norfolk coast

30 March 2020

The first tourists ever to come to the UK, the largest mammoth skeleton ever found, birthplace of our greatest naval hero, the largest seal colony in England and the home of the fish finger… where else but on the Norfolk coast!

21 great sights of Norfolk!

29 March 2020

Norfolk has some stunning scenery, both at the coast and in the countryside. Visit Cromer, Great Yarmouth and Hunstanton. See stately homes at Holkham, Houghton, Sandringham, Blickling, Felbrigg and Oxburgh. In no particular order, here's our top 21 must-see great sights in Norfolk. A week won't be enough to see them all!

100 BRILLIANT things to do at the Norfolk coast

27 March 2020

You’re coming to the Norfolk coast and you haven’t done your research yet. Don’t despair. Let the Visit Norfolk team take you through all the best things to do while you’re here, so you don’t waste a moment. We’ve got spectacular beaches, wonderful walking and wildlife, iconic attractions and much, much more.

Discover our top 10 secrets of Norfolk

24 March 2020

Of course we’re very proud of the fantastic visitor offering we have in Norfolk and will happily tell you about it until the cows come home. But then there are some other tucked-away spots that you may not have known about and get less attention. Here are some of our favourites, including Felbrigg's Pyramid Mausoleum, Oxburgh Hall's Priest Hole, cathedral graffiti, Deep History Coast and the world's longest chalk reef.