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Warm and relaxing... Norfolk in September

13 September 2019

For those without school age children, September is a great time to visit Norfolk: the weather is good, the sea is warm, everything is still open but the pace is a little less frenetic. September is a great time to relax in Norfolk. Here's our top 12 things to do...

Pensthorpe Natural Park tickled pink at arrival of first flamingo eggs

11 September 2019

Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham, is tickled pink at the arrival of the first flamingo eggs at Pensthorpe – the first in 15 years since it has had Greater Flamingo.

Fall for Norfolk this Autumn and head outdoors!

10 September 2019

Autumn is the time when the leaves turn golden brown, the hedgerows are full of free fruit, the annual bird migration begins and you can wrap up in woolens, scarves and hats to brave the world. The pace has slowed down and you can always find a solitary spot or a warm fire and a hot chocolate - it’s a great time to be in Norfolk.

Norfolk's top quirky events

10 September 2019

Don’t believe what they say about ‘Normal for Norfolk’ - our county has its quirky side too, including Greasy Poles, World Snail Racing, Lobster Potties, fairies, the world’s last end of pier theatre, and the invention of Jack Valentine…

Head outdoors in Norfolk

9 September 2019

The days are warmer and longer - now is the perfect time to head outdoors to have fun. From splashing around in the sea and making sandcastles on our beautiful beaches to discovering wildlife and nature in the Broads and Brecks,or being a flaneur in Norwich, you’ll never be short of exciting adventures.

Our Low Country and Dutch links

6 September 2019

Norwich has long been a busy cultural capital, heavily settled by those who had come over the North Sea, including the Dutch and Huguenots escaping religious persecution, and even emigres from the French Revolution. Yes, the North Sea has always been a carrier, not a barrier, and even today it's quicker to get from Norwich to Amsterdam than it is London!

Seven Wonders - Seahenge

6 September 2019

‘If you would be remembered, build!’ advised some long-gone ruler. The Mausoleum at Halicarnasasus, built in the mid-4th century for King Mausollos of Caria, in south-west Turkey, lasted for 16 centuries. Far outstripping that is Seahenge, which is reputed to have been in the 21st century BC, during the early Bronze Age in Britain, time that saw the increasing adoption of agriculture and sedentary living.

Top 10 locations to see why Norfolk’s coast is the most dynamic in the UK

6 September 2019

The last ice age, coastal erosion, longshore drift and the activities of man have all had a huge impact on Norfolk’s changing seashore. Along the 90 miles of coast you’ll be able to witness many dramatic scenes of how the landscape has changed over the last few millennia and earlier into prehistory when Norfolk was the last piece of the British Isles still linked to Continental Europe. Yes, really!

International blacksmith Jenny Pickford hosts sculpture exhibition at Pensthorpe

5 September 2019

One of the UK’s leading contemporary blacksmith artists, who has exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and created pieces for Wimbledon, Westfield London and as far away as China and Australia, brings 17 of her glass and steel nature inspired sculptures to Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham.

Seven Natural Wonders - Great Chalk Reef

5 September 2019

Dubbed ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’ the Cromer Shoals Chalk Bed, created when dinosaurs ruled the earth, has been found to be the longest in the world – and it’s so close to the shore you could skim a stone out to it. At over 20 miles long, the 100-million-year-old reef is one-and-a-half times longer than the Thanet Coast chalk reef in Kent, the former record holder.