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Now is not the time for tourism - we'll see you when it's safe!

28 March 2020

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Norfolk in future, but now is not the time. We ask people not to come while the country endures the pandemic and until it is safe again. For residents and people who are already here, please act responsibly and conform to government guidelines on social distancing and staying at least 2 metres away from others. Please stay safe.

100 BRILLIANT things to do at the Norfolk coast

27 March 2020

You’re coming to the Norfolk coast and you haven’t done your research yet. Don’t despair. Let the Visit Norfolk team take you through all the best things to do while you’re here, so you don’t waste a moment. We’ve got spectacular beaches, wonderful walking and wildlife, iconic attractions and much, much more.

Discover our top 10 secrets of Norfolk

24 March 2020

Of course we’re very proud of the fantastic visitor offering we have in Norfolk and will happily tell you about it until the cows come home. But then there are some other tucked-away spots that you may not have known about and get less attention. Here are some of our favourites, including Felbrigg's Pyramid Mausoleum, Oxburgh Hall's Priest Hole, cathedral graffiti, Deep History Coast and the world's longest chalk reef.

Family fun this Summer in Norfolk

24 March 2020

Welcome to the combined sunniest/driest county in the country – and what a great time to be here! It’s warm, the days are long and bright, the school holidays are here, and we've got everything you need for a family-friendly fun time!

Don't keep taking the tablets... digital-free Norfolk

16 March 2020

With the world and his wife and their children constantly fixated by their smart phone, tablets and other digital devices, wouldn’t it be nice to get offline for a while? It used to be that the internet was an escape from the real world, now the real world is increasingly an escape from the internet! And where better to get away from it all than Norfolk, with stunning countryside, more than 90 miles of coast and the unique Norfolk Broads…

Experience Norfolk - 20 inspirational ideas for 2020

16 March 2020

Brighter, longer days are here so what better time to start thinking about new memories to make than now. That’s why we want you to Experience Norfolk! Here are 20 amazing experiences you could have in Norfolk in 2020. Some are time specific, others can be enjoyed most of the year, but all are perfect for putting images on your Instagram account.

The best Norfolk beaches for dogs

16 March 2020

Dogs and responsible owners are welcome on many Norfolk beaches year-round. In fact, on these beaches you’ll look positively under-dressed if you don’t have a canine friend! Check time tides as well, because many of these beaches are best at low tide.

Top dog-friendly parks and woods

16 March 2020

Norfolk welcomes dogs and their owners, and we can promise lots of opportunities to run around on our coast and beaches and in the countryside. Here's our favourite dog-friendly parks and woods to explore.

See the world in Norfolk (sort of!)

15 March 2020

To misquote Samuel Johnson, when a man is tired of Norfolk, he is tired of life… ‘for there is in Norfolk all that life can afford’. In fact, rather than gallivanting around the world, why not come to Norfolk to see our equivalent of the great sights. We’re less than two hours from London…

Hop into Easter Wonderland at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

13 March 2020

Dippy and the Madhatter are inviting children for tea this Easter at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure’s very own Wonderland in Lenwade from Thursday 2 April to Sunday 19 April. The park’s 85 acres will be decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme, where guests young and old can follow the White Rabbit on a secret adventure through the Dinosaur Trail to find missing eggs, make friends with the Cheshire Cat or dare to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts.

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