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Seven Wonders of Norfolk

Seven Wonders - Seahenge

6 September 2019

‘If you would be remembered, build!’ advised some long-gone ruler. The Mausoleum at Halicarnasasus, built in the mid-4th century for King Mausollos of Caria, in south-west Turkey, lasted for 16 centuries. Far outstripping that is Seahenge, which is reputed to have been in the 21st century BC, during the early Bronze Age in Britain, time that saw the increasing adoption of agriculture and sedentary living.

Seven Wonders - Blickling Hall

10 January 2017

The Temple of Artemis, Diana, at Ephesus in Turkey was said to be the most beautiful structure on earth and was built around 550BC in honour of the goddess of hunting and wild nature. Blickling Hall, famed for its architectural beauty, stands amid a landscape typical of the great hunting estates of England's 18th and 19th century landed gentlemen.

Seven Wonders - Cromer Pier

10 January 2017

Built around 2560BC for the Pharaoh Khufu's burial place, the Great Pyramid of Ghiza was at 481 feet the tallest structure on earth for more than 43 centuries. The pyramid represented the best engineering of its time, as does Cromer Pier. The pier, which likewise is a great survivor, is an enduring example of Victorian building methods, having withstood storms and an attempt to blow it up!

Seven Wonders - Nelson Monument

10 January 2017

It was winning a war and enjoying the spoils that inspired the people of Rhodes to build the mighty statue of Sun God Helios which became known as The Colossus of Rhodes. The 110 foot high effigy lasted a mere 56 years, brought to his knees by an earthquake. Nelson’s Monument was similarly constructed, but has lasted coming up for 200 years.

Seven Wonders - Norfolk Broads

10 January 2017

King Newbuchadnezzar II’s Hanging Gardens of Babylon from the 6th century BC looked natural, but they were man-made – just like our Broads.

Seven Wonders - Norwich Cathedral

10 January 2017

Built around 450BC and lasting until 391AD when the newly-Christian Romans had it closed up, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, clad in a robe and sandals made of gold, and set in a mighty temple, soared 40 feet above his worshippers, the head almost touching the temple roof. Also soaring high above its worshippers is Norwich Anglican Cathedral, which has already lasted longer than the statue to the king of kings.

Seven Wonders - Wind turbines

10 January 2017

Built around 290BC and lasting in part until the 14th century, the Lighthouse of Pharos close to Alexandria in Egypt was the one Wonder that had a practical use – using its mirror in the upper section, light could be beamed some 35 miles into the Mediterranean, guiding ships back home safely. Towering high into the sky, wind turbines have had their own practical use – latterly to create energy, but long ago to help drain land for agriculture.

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