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Pensthorpe flamingos

Wade along to Flamingo Fiesta at Pensthorpe

Love flamingos? Join Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham, at its new family Flamingo Fiesta event on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June 2019 to meet its resident flock of 49 flamingos and enjoy a weekend of flamingo-inspired activities celebrating the world’s most flamboyant wading birds.

Learn some facts about these majestic and iconic birds, known for their long stilt-like legs, long s-shaped neck and beautiful pink feathers. Visit their tropical lagoon-inspired home in the Wetland Discovery Area, join in with special flamingo trails and listen to fun flamingo storytelling sessions.

Pensthorpe’s numbers of flamingos doubled last year from 25 to 49, resulting in them moving into the Wetland Discovery Area, where they reside in a splendid purpose-built habitat, illustrative of tropical lagoons more commonly found in southern Spain.

Pensthorpe flamingos

Deb Jordan, owner of Pensthorpe Natural Park comments: “These graceful and social birds are favourites with visitors of all ages and their elaborate courtship displays involve marching, head flagging, wing saluting and chattering, and they are real characters! This new event will celebrate these beautiful birds with lots of themed activities throughout the weekend and a special flamingo character making an appearance. If you know someone who loves flamingos or if you just want to learn more about these flamboyant birds, this is the perfect weekend to find out more and see them up close.”

Any child who comes dressed up as a flamingo will receive half-price admission at the event.

Plus join in with Daily Bird Feeds, hop on the Pensthorpe Explorer and let loose in the award-winning eco-play areas WildRootz and Hootz House, featuring dens, tunnels, slides and zip wires.

Flamingo Fiesta runs between 10am and 5pm on both days.

Flamingo Fiesta


The lakes and wetlands at Pensthorpe

About Greater Flamingos

Lifespan: 20-30 years

Length: 120-140cm

Weight: 1.5-4kg

Location: They are found in the Mediterranean, West Africa, South-West and South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. They prefer shallow eutrophic waters where they can nest and roost on sandbanks and mudflats.

Behaviour: Flamingos spend most of their days feeding, nesting, bathing and preening (they preen to distribute oil from a gland at the base of the tail to all their feathers, making them waterproof!).

Posture: A resting flamingo stands on one leg. It is thought that this unusual posture is adopted as a way to conserve body heat and energy.

Flamingo Chicks: When hatched, flamingo chicks are grey and won’t reach their full mature distinctive colouration until three years of age.