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How to pronounce Norfolk place names

All Norfolk people agree about the pronunciations of the following places:

Spelt Pronounced

Acle Aycle

Ashmanhaugh ASHm’no

Aslacton AzLACt’n

Belaugh Beeluh

Bergh Apton BerAPT’n

Colney Coaney

Corpusty CORpuhsty

Costessey Cossey

Deopham Deep’m

Elsing Elz’n

Fulmodestone FULLmuhst’n

Gimingham Gim’n’m

Happisburgh Haze-bruh

Haveringland Havverl’nd

Hautbois HUBBuhss

Heigham High-um

Hellesdon Helzd’n

Keswick Kezzick

Matlaske Matluhsk

Postwick Pozzick

Rushall Rue-sh’ll

Salle Saul

Shotesham Shots’m

Stody Studdy

Swardeston Swaw(d)st’n

Tacolneston Tackle-st’n

Tivetshall Tivvets’ll

Walsingham Wolz’n’m

Wickmere Wickmuh

Wortwell Wuttle

Wymondham Wind'm

Then there are names which we don’t all agree about. The disagreement comes from the fact that many place-names now have new spelling pronunciations. Here are the older pronunciations uninfluenced by the spelling:

Spelled Pronounced

Aylsham Ells’m/Ellsh’m

Cley Clay

Coltishall Colts’ll (with Colt- rhyming with bolt)

Crostwick Crossick

Foulsham Fowlss’m/Fowlsh’m (with Fowl- rhyming with soul)

Garboldisham Garb’lss’m/Garb’lsh’m

Hoveton Hofft’n

Hunstanton Hunst’n

Letheringsett Larnsuhtt

Martham Mart’m

Northrepps Nurrepps

Salhouse Sallus/Selluss

Southery Suddery

Southrepps Surrepps

Stiffkey Stewkey

Walsham (N. and S.) Walss’m

Weybourne Webb’n

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