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Great Yarmouth - the home of the holiday camp

3 September 2021

If Billy Butlin is regarded as the father of the holiday camp, then John Fletcher Dodd is its grandfather. Billy was still in short trousers when Fletcher Dodd set up his first holiday camp near Great Yarmouth. All of which means that the birthplace of the multi-million pound industry is sited not on the Lincolnshire coast at Blackpool but in the one-time fishing village of Caister-on-Sea.

How to learn yew Norfolk

25 August 2021

We Norfolk people get a little grumpy when people try to imitate our accent and end up talking like somebody from the South-West. So if you’re coming here we’d advise you not to sound like a ‘furinner’ but instead to ‘learn yew Norfolk’.

See the world in Norfolk (sort of!)

24 August 2021

To misquote Samuel Johnson, when a man is tired of Norfolk, he is tired of life… ‘for there is in Norfolk all that life can afford’. In fact, rather than gallivanting around the world, why not come to Norfolk to see our equivalent of the great sights. We’re less than two hours from London…

How to fit in as a local when you visit Norfolk

3 June 2021

You've come to Norfolk to get away from the stress and strain of everyday, routine life… and you're very welcome. But what's the etiquette when you're talking to the Good 'Ol Boys down the Parched Parrot? Let us help you… follow our guide and you'll soon have an ear of wheat sticking out of the side of your mouth and be 'oo-arring' with the best of them.

Plans for making Norfolk a unique tourism destination… as an island

1 April 2021

Ambitious plans originally created by 17th century Dutch engineers could be revived to make Norfolk an island tourism destination. In 1651, Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden built the first sluice at Denver as part of a scheme to drain the Fens but he also drew up an idea that would allow shipping to travel from the port of King’s Lynn all the way to Great Yarmouth without going through the dangerous Happisburgh Sands.

Come and discover unique Norfolk

10 March 2021

We know we like to say that There’s Nowhere Like Norfolk, but we really mean it! And just to prove our point we’ve come up with thirteen absolutely unique things about our wonderful county. Why not come and see and experience them for yourselves…

How to pronounce Norfolk place names

7 October 2020

If you're new to Norfolk you may well pronounce some of our place names phonetically. Why wouldn't you? But trust us, it just doesn't work like that. If you think Happisburgh is Hap-is-berg then you had better read on...

Country Cousin or City Slicker?

9 April 2020

Are you a country cousin or city slicker? We’re rather proud of our beautiful countryside, and it’s for the most part thanks to our farmers that it looks so well-ordered and in such good nick. So while you’re here, we’d encourage you to learn a little more about our rural way of life, with this easy-to-do multiple answer quiz.

Sing 'On The Ball, City!'

14 August 2019

It's believed to be the oldest football chant in the world and now here's your chance to learn the lyrics of 'On The Ball, City'. Altogether now... 'Kick it off, throw it in...'

Fabtastic! It's the Norfolk top tunes top ten

29 May 2019

We know David Bowie sang about the Norfolk Broads in Life on Mars, but what other Norfolk songs are there? Start singing Wroxham to the tune of The Police’s Roxanne and we think it’ll become a real earworm for you.

Romantic things to do when you visit Norfolk

14 February 2019

Looking for romantic days out ideas in Norfolk? We’ve got it covered. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, there are always romantic things to do in Norfolk. Walk on our secret beaches, hire a Broads day boat, take a steam railway trip and much, much more. Here's our top 12 recommendations...

Beach etiquette on Norfolk's beaches

13 June 2018

Okay, so you’ve come to enjoy our wonderful beaches and coastline. Brilliant, top choice! Well done! But here’s the thing… there are rules, starting with always be kind and courteous (because we ‘re like that in Norfolk and can’t wait to welcome you). Here’s our Visit Norfolk beach etiquette guide to ensure you have a great time…

Why Norfolk is soooo cool!

4 April 2018

Cool Britannia is just so yesterday, but Norfolk remains the cool place to be... and here's our top reasons why, including Taylor Swift, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley and Cotswolds-by-the-Coast.

Norfolk ailments and illnesses

1 April 2018

If you’re coming to Norfolk, you need to be aware of these illnesses and unusual medical afflictions that only occur in this county… including Horning Sickness, Sloley-Does-It, Neatishead-ache, Trunch Drunk and Little Snoring. You see where we're coming from?

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