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White-bellied Pygmy Marmoset

Spring Baby Boom at Banham Zoo

Spring is in the air, and Banham Zoo’s keepers have welcomed an abundance of adorable baby animals born at the zoo in recent weeks! Including the hatching of a Rüppell’s griffon vulture chick, a species which is critically endangered in the wild.

It’s a busy time for births, and there’s a double dose of cuteness awaiting visitors this Bank Holiday weekend in “La Hacienda” Farm Barn with five beautiful baby goats and an adorable Mongolian lamb, born on Easter Sunday.

The spoonbills have had a chick, and already visitors can see that famous spoon-shaped beak developing; it won’t be long before the chick looks just like its parents. The spoonbills can be seen in Penguin Cove where they live alongside the African penguins and little egrets.

African Spoonbill

As for the primates, there is definitely something in the air as there were two births within days of each other - a red-bellied lemur and a pygmy marmoset.

As well as all the adorable babies, Banham Zoo has also welcomed its newest arrivals, Cuvier’s dwarf caiman, who have taken up residence in “Eureka!”, the South American themed tropical house. The two males came from “Crocodiles of the World”, a zoo in Oxfordshire, who took them in after being rescuing them from the pet trade.

Our howler monkeys are also having a great time this spring, exploring their new outside surroundings “Casa Do Howler”. They have three large trees adjacent to their enclosure and can be seen climbing high above enjoying their new environment whilst visitors below watch in amazement.

Banham Zoo is a great place to visit - especially at springtime!

Banham Zoo

Red-bellied Lemur