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It's a first for Banham Zoo - a baby boy armadillo

17 October 2019

Keepers at Banham Zoo are overjoyed with the birth of a large hairy armadillo - the first ever to be born at the zoo. The cute male pup was born in August to first-time parents Melanie and Pedro. Their keepers have confirmed that they are showing excellent parenting skills and have allowed them to keep a check on the pup’s development. Keepers have already been able to capture some remarkable footage of the baby.

Top 10 locations to see why Norfolk’s coast is the most dynamic in the UK

17 October 2019

The last ice age, coastal erosion, longshore drift and the activities of man have all had a huge impact on Norfolk’s changing seashore. Along the 90 miles of coast you’ll be able to witness many dramatic scenes of how the landscape has changed over the last few millennia and earlier into prehistory when Norfolk was the last piece of the British Isles still linked to Continental Europe. Yes, really!

Winter swans begin their migrations to Norfolk

17 October 2019

As the first flakes of snow fall in Arctic Russia, migration has begun for the Bewick’s swans, but how many of them will make the journey all the way to the UK? Whilst the birds move south through Russia they are at the very start of a 2,500 mile journey which will take them weeks, if not months to complete.

Fall for Norfolk this Autumn and head outdoors!

14 October 2019

Autumn is the time when the leaves turn golden brown, the hedgerows are full of free fruit, the annual bird migration begins and you can wrap up in woolens, scarves and hats to brave the world. The pace has slowed down and you can always find a solitary spot or a warm fire and a hot chocolate - it’s a great time to be in Norfolk.

Festive shows in Norfolk

14 October 2019

There are countless festive and Christmas shows in Norfolk for the whole family to enjoy, including Norwich, Hunstanton, Cromer and Great Yarmouth. Oh yes there are!

Be Enchanted by Christmas at Pensthorpe Natural Park

11 October 2019

Brave winter’s icy chill and enjoy a heart-warming encounter with the natural winter wonderland of Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham, which hosts a programme of special Christmas-themed events for all the family.

Top dog-friendly parks and woods

11 October 2019

Norfolk welcomes dogs and their owners, and we can promise lots of opportunities to run around on our coast and beaches and in the countryside. Here's our favourite dog-friendly parks and woods to explore.

Don't keep taking the tablets... digital-free Norfolk

9 October 2019

With the world and his wife and their children constantly fixated by their smart phone, tablets and other digital devices, wouldn’t it be nice to get offline for a while? It used to be that the internet was an escape from the real world, now the real world is increasingly an escape from the internet! And where better to get away from it all than Norfolk, with stunning countryside, more than 90 miles of coast and the unique Norfolk Broads…

Norfolk gardens top 10

8 October 2019

Norfolk has a huge collection of gardens, from small higgledy-piggledy cottage gardens to wonderfully relaxing water gardens and magnificent stately home gardens. You can't beat wandering around someone else's garden and enjoying the rewards of all their hard work! Actually, our gardens are so good we couldn't help adding an eleventh and a twelfth, and a maze...

10 ways to make memories in Norfolk

7 October 2019

Broads boating, swimming, rockpooling, cycling, crabbing, see the seals, ride a steam engine... Norfolk is the perfect place to turn off the electronic gadgetry for a while, and leave Facebook and Twitter until the end of the day when you can tell everyone what you got up to and what a great time you're having.