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Microscopic Marvels: Macrophotography walk

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Oct 03, 2024 16:30

Bring your smartphone to capture the miniature world with the aid of a powerful clip on microscope (provided).


Welcome to the enchanting world of macro photography! No previous experience is needed to explore the hidden treasures of the miniature realms in nature. A powerful 100x clip-on lens transforms any smartphone into a portal of discovery, so all pictures will be taken on your own phone, providing a perfect souvenir to share with friends and family. Witness the tiniest details of plants, insects, and more, as we delve into the fascinating world of macro photography.

This unique nature experience will take us through the woodlands and hidden wonders of our private organic regenerative farm. These natural settings are teeming with life, which consequently offers a perfect canvas for our macro photography experience.


Please make sure you arrive with a fully charged phone battery. We will provide you with a 100x macro clip-on lens, and this marvel of technology will consequently allow us to capture the intricate beauty of tiny subjects in astounding clarity. Of course as back up, we have a selection of high-powered magnifying glasses which offer a similar insight into the miniature world.

The Walk:

We will be exploring a range of habitats on the walk, but pay particular attention to certain ones in any given season. April will focus on hedgerows and woodland, October on mushroom marvels and then November on the woodlands.

Commonly overlooked miniature organisms provide fascinating studies, such as lichen, fungi, insects and flowers. Even the most ordinary-looking plants and insects can reveal breath-taking beauty up close such as miniature forests and microscopic worlds of unique colours and textures.

The walk is suitable for children aged 13+ and for adults. It is designed to be gentle, inclusive, pleasurable, and welcoming. No prior experience with microscopes or photography is required, therefore all you need to bring is your curiosity and enthusiasm!