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Biofluorescent night walk

Nature & Wildlife
Nov 26, 2024 16:30

Join us for an extraordinary night adventure as we explore the fascinating world of biofluorescence!


Biofluorescence is a unique phenomenon where certain organisms emit light in different colours than the ones they absorb. David, your knowledgeable guide, will take you on a unique nature experience and walk to discover this captivating natural phenomenon up close.

With UV torches provided, we will venture into the dark to witness a display of biofluorescent organisms in their natural habitat. From fungi to insects and plants, we will encounter a diverse array of species that come alive with vibrant hues of green, blue, red, purple, orange… in other words, allowing nature’s hidden spectacles to be revealed.

We will explore a range of habitats on the walk, but pay particular attention to certain ones in any given season. April is a time for vibrant hedgerows, fungi is most abundant in October.

This walk is suitable for adult and children ages 8+, with an accompanying adult.