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St George Colegate Church- Norwich

Norwich St George Colegate is an Ancient Parish one of the mediaeval parishes of the city.

As it stands now, the church was built between 1459 (nave), and 1513 (aisles and chapels). The north chapel was built by William Norwich, mayor in 1461, and may well be by the mason John Antell. The nave was glazed in 1514.

OF THE CITY IN THE TIME OF KING GEORGE THE FIRST. George the First was proclaimed King of Great Britain, &c. Aug. 1, 1714, the same day the Queen died; and in this city on the 3d of August, being solemnly crowned on the 20th of Oct. when there were great rejoicings here. In 1715, Dec. 17, Mr. Tho. Hall, late of London, merchant, son of John Hall of Norwich, Esq. lieutenant colonel of the militia regiment, justice of peace, and late mayor, was interred at St. George’s of Colgate.[1]

“By the mid-19th century St Georges parish had once again fallen on hard times. The Church wanted local parishioners to pay for the upkeep of the building the so-called tithe but many were non-conformists who resented paying money to the Church of England. A subsequent court case forced them to pay.”[2]

St George Colegate Church- Norwich