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Reveal Nature

Guided Nature Connection Experiences that provide a different perspective on the natural world.


We offer a range of guided nature connection experiences to help you see nature in a new light.

Biofluorescent Night Walks

Join us for a Biofluorescent night walk and learn all about this hidden form of communication taking place right under our noses. Biofluorescence is the ability of certain organisms to reflect light in a different colour than the one they absorbed. It is usually a response to Ultraviolet (UV) light and comes in an assortment of bright and wonderful colours. We are the first company in Europe to be offering Biofluorescent Night Walks.

Biofluorescent Photography Workshops

Want to learn how to capture unique and colourful images of the stunning world of Biofluorescence? We offer two different types of Biofluorescent photography workshops – A smartphone biofluorescent photography workshop using special clip-on macro lenses and our special UV torches, and a DSLR / Mirrorless camera biofluorescent photography workshop.

Microscopic Marvels

Join us for a unique and fascinating experience as we explore the microcosm of nature through the lens of a microscope. With the aid of a smartphone 100 x clip on digital lens, we will be able to see the world in a new and captivating way, revealing the delicate and often unseen beauty of nature.

Aromatic Adventures

Join us for a journey into nature nose first, and discover the wonders of the natural world through one of our most powerful yet underutilized senses.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is an evidence-based, therapeutic practice that connects people to the natural world through gentle, sensory-based activities. It originated in Japan where it is known as Shinrin Yoku which roughly translates as taking in the forest with all your senses. The practice involves walking slowly, breathing deeply, and using your senses to connect with the natural world.

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