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Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall in West Norfolk is the seat of the Marquesses Townshend.

Opening Times

Building was started here in 1619 by Sir Roger Townshend and his Master Mason, William Edge, and the house was modernised by William Kent a hundred years later for the second Viscount Townshend, and it is essentially that house that we still see.

Raynham is not generally open to the public, but the present Lord and Lady Townshend have created a Restoration Fund for individual projects and items in the collection, and open the house every year to a series of wonderful Recitals in the Marble Hall and for several Open Days in which you can have a tour of the house. On Open Days, the grounds are open for walking and picnicking: you can inspect the progress of the new flower and vegetable gardens which have been marked out and planted over the last three years. The lovely church near the lake at the bottom of the drive from the Hall is also open to visit.

Dogs on leads are welcome in the grounds but not in the house.

Open Day tickets are £30 per person. Entrance is by pre-booked ticket only.

Dates for 2022 Open Days

Tuesday 19th April (10am & 2pm)

Thursday 28th April (10am & 2pm)

Thursday 5th May (10am & 2pm)

Tuesday 31st May (10am & 2pm)

Tuesday 26th July (10am & 2pm)

Tuesday 2nd August (2pm Only)

Wednesday 17th August (10am Only)

Tuesday 20th September (10am & 2pm)

Wednesday 12th October (10am & 2pm)

Opening Times

Open Days can be booked either by emailing us at Raynham Hall. We will deal with your booking if you include your full name, telephone number, email address and the number of tickets you would like to purchase on which day and at what time.

Or you can book and pay immediately through Ticketsource

We arrange several Open Days annually in support of the Restoration Fund, and you can book a tour to see this special family house which was 90 years ahead of its time when started in 1620. The interiors were redesigned by William Kent in 1723 and the house is largely unchanged since that date.

Raynham is only open to the public on these special days so seize the chance to indulge your curiosity and hear about the history and characters involved in the evolution of the Townshend ancestral seat.

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