Norfolk history & heritage

See Norfolk's history and heritage on film...

Remembering the past is crucial for our sense of identity. To know why we are confirms what we are. Norfolk's uniqueness is incredibly important and precious – and that's why the county has always taken pride in treasuring its heritage with a wide range of museums and historical sites.

From captivating castles and cathedrals, to splendid stately homes, myriad museums and medieval churches, there's an amazing heritage to discover here.

Retrace the footsteps of naval hero Horatio Nelson, Norfolk's greatest son, and discover how Queen Boadicca's Iceni tribe used to live.

Find out about our many invaders, both friendly and otherwise, including the Romans, the Normans and the Americans.

Go underground to discover the country's first industrial site.

Find out why maritime activity plays such an important role in Norfolk's history and why the county is fit not just for a queen… but The Queen and her Royal family.

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