Welcome to Wells

A spectacular beach, an attractive harbour and an interesting collection of shops and restaurants, Wells-next-the-Sea is a lively seaside town in the summer, writes Uniquely Away.

From the stretching golden sands of its glorious beach to its busy quay, where visitors watch the comings and goings of the boats, traditional seaside town Wells-next-the-Sea is one of the jewels of the North Norfolk coast.

Superb at any time of year, Wells comes to life particularly in the summer months, as holidaymakers spend time here, enjoying its combination of natural beauty and family fun.

The beach is almost a mile from the town and visitors can reach it by car (there's a car park close to the beach next to Pinewoods), on foot and even by miniature train. Once there, they discover sands fringed by pine woods and colourful beach huts.

Standing guard over the bustling quay is the impressive granary building, with its over-hanging gantry. The colourful harbour is today home to the likes of arcades, fish and chip shops and a stall selling freshly caught seafood. Crab boats come and go, as do yachts and pleasure boats.

Staithe Street, reaches up through the centre of the town, offering an array of cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries to enjoy. At the top of the town is the quieter Buttlands, where elegant, Georgian houses frame an open green, and where The Crown Hotel and The Globe welcome those looking to both dine and stay in the town.

With its annual carnival its proximity to other highlights of North Norfolk and its relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere, Wells is a town that is a joy to spend time in, whether you have an hour or two, an afternoon or even a few days to spare.

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