Top 10 canoe journeys

You don't have to be an experienced canoeist to get afloat on the Norfolk Broads, you don't even need to have your own equipment – there are a variety of hire centres throughout the Broads as well as guided trails that are run on a regular basis.

Here are The Canoe Man's top 10 paddles (in reverse order):

10 Wroxham to Salhouse – River Bure – Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
An enlightening paddle that not only gives you a feel of how 'the other half lives' as you pass by some of the most expensive properties on the Broads but also tests your steering as this can be a very busy stretch of river.

9 Horning Green – River Bure - Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
A busier part of the Broads system but benefiting from three good pubs as well as the ability to explore some quieter backwaters at Crabbetts Marsh.

8 Hickling Broad - Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
A vast expanse of water, the largest of the Norfolk Broads – not to be undertaken by the faint-hearted or weak armed. Offers access to some of the Norfolk Broads most traditional landscapes – vast swathes of open reed bed with excellent wildlife spotting opportunities – particularly for birds such as the Marsh Harrier.

7 Beccles to Oulton Broad - River Waveney – Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
Not advisable for novices due to the tidal nature of the river and the amount of river traffic but during the quieter times can be a beautiful stretch of river.

6 Coltishall to Wroxham – River Bure - Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
Quite a long meandering stretch of tree-lined river. Benefits from lots of wind protection from the surrounding trees but due to the twists and turns in the river you will at some stage find yourself paddling head to wind! Excellent Kingfisher territory with the occasional otter. Coltishall is one the prettiest of Broadland villages with an excellent variety of pubs, restaurants and a marvellous tea and cake shop.

5 Martham Ferry to Somerton staithe – River Thurne - Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
A reasonably slow flowing stretch of river that winds its way through thick Marsh beds, home to a stunning variety of bird & wildlife.Once again not the easiest of access with one’s own canoe but well worth it just to get to see the March Harriers or if you’re really lucky Norfolk’s resident flock of Cranes!

4 Honing Lock to Wayford Bridge - The River Ant - Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
One of the easiest and most beautiful stretches of river to access with your own canoe. Can be challenging paddling upstream (if not taking the easier option of a one way downstream trip!) but well worth it. As the river narrows right down to barely a canoe's width there's a feeling of solitude and tranquillity.

3 Alysham to Buxton – River Bure - Canoe Hire
If escapism is what you seek, this is the place! No other craft, no other people. Just you, the river and the wildlife! Very difficult to access from either end – which is why it is such a secluded beautiful stretch of river.

2 Scole to Homersfield – River Waveney- Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
A beautiful stretch of river with no other boat traffic with a classic 'small stream' feel. Access is relatively easy but only recommended for those who can sort their own 'shuttle' as paddling back upstream is often an almost impossible task!

1 Buxton to Coltishall – River Bure – Own Canoe/Canoe Hire
As with most of the nicest stretches of river a few access issues if bringing your own canoe, but well worth the challenge. Without doubt the most stunning stretch of river in the county. Tranquil, beautiful, unnavigable (no other boats), packed with wildlife – idyllic!


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