Enjoy the Norfolk night sky

Stargazing LIVE presenter and astronomer Mark Thompson is keen to encourage visitors to Norfolk to enjoy the night skies, he tells Uniquely Away magazine.

Fantastic nightsky at Happisburgh

The county has a reputation for its incredible skyscapes – and these can be just as impressive at night-time as during the day.

"I have enjoyed some stunning views of the universe - literally from my own back yard," says Mark, who was born in Norwich and still lives in Norfolk.

Mark, who has just published A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos, travels all over the world to stargaze.

"Wherever I go, I get asked whether the Norfolk skies are really that special and I always reply: 'Yes, they really are'."

To get great views of the universe takes two things, he explains, low levels of dust and pollutants in the atmosphere and very little light.

"Norfolk is not very industrial so, if you keep away from the city and other large towns, you can find some of the darkest skies in the country."

The best location in the county for stargazing is north Norfolk, he suggests.

"There are some great places up there that I have observed from - Kelling Heath, Salthouse and Cley are just a few of them.

"But go anywhere away from lights and you will not be disappointed."

Pic credit: Johnny Ring

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