Caroline Jarrold's Norfolk

Visit Norwich chair Caroline Jarrold, of the family who own the city's most famous department store, tells us about her favourite Norfolk things.


Where is your favourite place to eat, and why? It's really difficult to answer as there is such a wide variety of lovely places to eat in the county for every occasion. If I had to pick one, it would be between the Last Wine Bar – especially at lunch time - and Roger Hickman's or Bishops in Norwich for a very special occasion. Having said that, there are still loads of other tempting restaurants which I haven't had the chance to visit (yet).

Your favourite pub, and why? Currently, it's the New Inn at Rockland St Mary as it is our local and offers a good variety of high-quality dishes ranging from light bites to larger fare.

Caroline Jarrold, Visit Norwich chairCaroline's favourite view is the city from Mousehold Heath (pictured top).

What do you long for if you’ve been away? The expansive skies.

What's your favourite Norfolk place and why? Barton Broad as we spend many enjoyable hours sailing and generally messing around in boats.

Where would you have a picnic and what Norfolk food would you have? On a boat in the middle of a broad – probably Barton again. Fresh crab and salad with my husband's home-made bread using flour from Letheringsett. I'd also have Binham Blue cheese and some of Peter Parke's ham from Wymondham. Finished off with some local summer fruits and including a glass of Bacchus wine from Winbirri.

Your favourite Norfolk view? Looking over Norwich from Mousehold Heath – who said that Norfolk was flat?

Where would you send a visitor to really appreciate Norfolk? Depends how long they have got! For a whistle stop visit, I'd say get up early and go for a walk on the beach at Gorleston, then go to one of our great country houses – Holkham, Houghton, Blickling or Sandringham for coffee and a look round the house and gardens. Get some picnic stuff together and hire a day boat from Wroxham or Sutton and get out onto a broad for lunch. Go into Norwich for a bit of late afternoon shopping – especially the market and the Lanes. Early supper in Norwich then go to the theatre, cinema or music venue.
And on day two…

What piece of advice would you give to a visitor of the county? Explore as much as you can on foot or by bike.

What's your idea of Norfolk Big Sky Thinking? We residents know that it is a wonderful place; we need to get more people to come and try it, so that businesses can thrive and the quality of the experience becomes ever better. It is a long time before we need to worry about it becoming too crowded.

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