Lauren Marshall's Norfolk

Lauren Marshall, aquarist at Sea Life Great Yarmouth, tells us about some of her favourite Norfolk things.


Where is your favourite place to eat, and why? The Ingham Swan is a lovely restaurant that serves great food whenever I have visited. It's got a fantastic atmosphere and is in a stunning location. They pride themselves on using local produce which I am a strong advocate for!

Your favourite pub, and why? The Ten Bells in Norwich… by a country mile. It has the best cocktail menu going and it is all made in front of you. It has a really relaxed vibe with loads of comfy sofas and great music!

Lauren Marshall of Great Yarmouth Sea LifeLauren suggests enjoying the views from Burgh Castle.

What do you long for if you've been away? Great YarmouthMarket chips - they really are the best chips in the country!

What's your favourite Norfolk place and why? From a childhood point of view it would have to be Cromer. The beach is beautiful and has lots of rocky areas that are perfect for rock pooling. But of course, always remember to be gentle with the creatures and put them back afterwards! Cromer also has lovely shops, plenty of ice creams and of course, the classic fish and chips! Highly recommended if people are looking for a traditional seaside day out.

Where would you have a picnic and what Norfolk food would you have? I would probably have a picnic up at the ruins in Burgh Castle. It has an awesome field with the old Roman fort ruins all around and is a great place for relaxing. There are also plenty of lovely walks around the marshland and by the river for you and the family to enjoy. Do fish and chips count as a picnic?

Your favourite Norfolk view? I would have to say Burgh Castle, again! There are not a great deal of hills in Norfolk but from on the ruins you can see such a huge extent of the country side in that area it really isn't a view quite like it.

Where would you send a visitor to really appreciate Norfolk? If not Burgh Castle then the Broads. There are so many little towns and villages to stop at and visit. Wroxham is a perfect starting point and the best way to appreciate this would be to hire a boat and really see all the amazing views. Whilst on your riverside journey you will no doubt bump into the many wonderful creatures and wildlife that live around the broads. Keep an eye out!

What piece of advice would you give to a visitor of the county? That's easy. Be brave and get off the beaten track. There are so many hidden gems to see and visit you will be spoilt for choice! If you are after a fun day out there are so many zoos, parks and of course the Sea Life Centre! A handy tip would be to make sure you plan ahead and look out for some great deals to visit some of these attractions.

What's your idea of Norfolk Big Sky Thinking? If you follow my advice, get off the beaten track and enjoy the exquisite scenes that Norfolk has to offer. You will no doubt discover yourself once more!

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