Perfect for dune diving!

13-year-old Imogen Wright from the Midlands had a great time on Norfolk's beaches with her brother and sister, Isaac, 7, and Orlagh, 10.

We had a lovely time on the beach at Cromer, but the one at Wells-next-the-Sea is utterly amazing - because of the fabulous sand dunes!

After parking the car, we took a walk through lush pine woods, and then after a few minutes emerged on to a massive beach. There are sand dunes; there's soft sand between your ties; and a big blue sea under a bigger blue sky.

The sea was lovely and warm, and as the tide was going out we were playing in the waves. It only came up to our knees!

The water is so clear that when you dive underwater - and are brave enough to open your eyes - you can see the bottom.

The dogs loved splashing around, chasing their tails and generally having a great time. As did we all - although we weren't chasing our tails, of course.

Orlagh jumps first, as big sister Imogen waits her turn.

For some of the day my brother and sister played a great game we called dune diving! It involved a sand dune, naturally.

To start with, all you have to do is stand on top one of the naturally-made platforms and jump off.

Then you find one that's a bit higher and repeat.

When you reach the very top you can take a running jump, a flying leap and enjoy a soft landing.

We had a massive competition to see who could go the highest; who could jump the furthest. It lasted for hours, and in the end we were enjoying ourselves too much to remember who was winning.

We ate a magnificent picnic for lunch: pork pies, spicy chicken, salad; all fantastic produce from Norfolk.

After a tiring day at the beach, and a walk back through the woods, you can take your pick from one of the many stalls selling ice-cream: creamy caramel, tasty toffee, succulent strawberry, cracking coffee… and so many more!

We had a fantastic day on the beach. Norfolk is the place for us!

Daredevil brother Isaac takes a running jump... into the soft sand.
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