Graham Bean's Norfolk

Graham Beans, of Beans Seal Trips, skippers the boats that take tourists (and locals) out to see the seal colony at the end of Blakeney Point.


Where is your favourite place to eat, and why? That’s a hard one! I have a few, The Manor Hotel at Blakeney, The Kings Arms at Blakeney and The Anchor at Morston to name just some. All do excellent food with a good selection.

Your favourite pub, and why? Kings Arms at Blakeney, still quite a 'locals pub' with good company and good food!

Graham BeanGraham Bean loves taking tourists out to see the seals at Blakeney Point.

What do you long for if you've been away? To get back out on the water!

What's your favourite Norfolk place and why? Blakeney Point, you can get away from everything there and there's always something new to see. It's great for wildlife, lovely views, you could be anywhere when you're out there!

Where would you have a picnic and what Norfolk food would you have?
Blakeney Point, with some samphire if in season, some shellfish, cockles and whelks. Local sausages and burgers on the barbecue.

Your favourite Norfolk view? From the top of Blakeney Church Tower which is open to the public at certain times.

Where would you send a visitor to really appreciate Norfolk? On a boat trip of course to see the seals! Also to Wells and Holkham beaches to appreciate the big open beaches, then to the Norfolk Broads to explore !

What piece of advice would you give to a visitor of the county? Don't be in a hurry! Things are often a bit slower in Norfolk, lots to see and explore so plan it carefully!

What's your idea of Norfolk Big Sky Thinking? My 'Office' changes every day, no two days or trips are ever the same, the weather, the people, the wildlife are different every time we go out! It's great to share the experiences and see the passengers enjoying un-spoilt nature at its best throughout all the seasons!

Where to see the seals in Norfolk.

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