100 things to do in Norfolk 60-51

60 Take a trip on a wherry, Norfolk's very own native boat. Oak and clinker-built with a single large black gaff sail, it’s a wide, shallow-draughted boat with a keel, designed for the Broads and able to take 25 tonnes of goods. Big wherries worked the lower river systems, but smaller, 25-feet boats could extend their reach up-river by slipping their keels and lowering their masts to shoot bridges. On retirement, wherries were often sunk to strengthen riverbanks, but there are still some left, being used as pleasure boats. Try the Wherry Yacht Charter or Wherry Albion.

59 Get up close to a windmill, one of Norfolk's best-known landmarks (although most of them operated drainage pumps across the Broads and Fens, so they're not strictly windmills). Windmills probably came from the East with returning Crusaders, and at one time this region had the densest population of them in the country. The brick tower mills with movable, boat-like wooden caps and four wooden sails covered with canvas are unique to Norfolk. The tallest on the Broads is the Berney Arms High Mill, built in the 1860s, which you walk to from Great Yarmouth or visit by train – it's a request stop on the line to Norwich.

58 Have tea or stay at The Maids Head Hotel in Norwich, reputed to be the oldest hotel in the UK. It's also where Elizabeth I (whose mother's home was Blickling – see Number 92) is said to have stayed when she was in the city, possibly with her great friend Matthew Parker, the original Nosey Parker. Yes, Nosey Parker was a Norfolk guy!

57 If you're here in June, been to the Royal Norfolk Show. It's still got agriculture, farming and the countryside at its heart and is rated in the top three of county shows in the country!

56 Discovered our brilliant coastline – there are 93 miles of it! (And some say 90 when the tide's in). And the great thing is we have two distinctly different bits – the north with its huge, never-ending beaches, tidal creeks and salt marsh, and the east with cliffs, dunes, marram grass and… never-ending beaches!

55 Admired the magnificent Sir Thomas Erpingham statue at the Norwich cathedral west gate. Firstly because it was Erpingham who lead the archers at Agincourt in 1415. Secondly because the archers' success gave us a naughty two-fingered salute!

54 Hunted down 'Deal rows' in the Brecks. These lines of Scots pines are unique to this part of the country… if you ask us, they look like acacia trees in the African savannah. In fact, use your imagination and you could be out on the plains with giraffes and lions. And to really see those animals you can go to nearby Banham Zoo!

53 Have a round of golf on one of our fab links courses. Fore! We don’t subscribe to Mark Twain's view that golf is a good walk spoiled. After all, what could be more bracing than a bit of leisurely sport within sight of the sea and in a strong briny breeze? To choose from, there's the Royal West at Brancaster, Sheringham, Hunstanton, Links Country Park at West Runton, Royal Cromer, Mundesley, Caister and Gorleston.

52 Eaten Cromer crab… they're the best ANYWHERE! Yep, that simple. And the reason why they're so good? There is a chalk reef off Cromer, which provides lots of nutrients for the crabs to feed off – and that's why they’re so sweet and succulent. Who'd have thought?!

51 Had a pint of beer made by one of our microbreweries – we have more than any other county in the country. We also have the best malting barley, on the north Norfolk coast, due to the long, warm summers, the moistening sea frets and that terrain's height… yes, really, Noel Coward didn't know what he was talking about. Flat, indeed!

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