20 budget ideas for Great Yarmouth

If you're coming to Greater Yarmouth for a holiday or break, here's some Visit Norfolk ideas that won't break the piggy bank. Have you.....

1 Eaten hot chips from a cone bought from one of the permanent stalls in the Market Place. Cooked with beef dripping, they're sublime sprinkled with vinegar and salt (vinegar first, then the salt sticks).

2 Walked around the remains of the Roman fort at Burgh Castle and watched the sunset behind Halvergate Marshes.

3 Played hide-and-seek in the marram grass-covered dunes on the North Denes at Great Yarmouth.

4 Take a leisurely walk along Regent Road to Docwra's, the WORLD'S LARGEST ROCK SHOP. It has to be in capital letters, they're very proud of this accolade – and quite right too. They make 80,000 sticks a week and you can see the lovely confection being made too. It's the closest thing to Willy Wonka's factory in Norfolk. You'll have to play the Oompah-Loompahs yourself. Suck away as you walk the town's Central Beach.

5 Strolled along the Golden Mile chomping freshly-made, sugared donuts from a paper bag. Order them and salivate as you watch them being made before your very eyes! Bet you can't eat one without licking your lips.

6 Taken a boat trip out to sea the grey seals at Scroby Sands, that strip of yellow you can just see off the coast if you stand on tippy-toes on the promenade.

7 Ridden the white-knuckle Snails at Joyland. A word of warning, it's not for the faint-hearted.

8 Beach-combed for amber on the remote beaches above Winterton-on-Sea. Followed by a mug of hot chocolate in the café.

9 Enjoyed the traditional delights of a traditional seaside holiday – build a sandcastle and bury dad up to his neck in the sand (make sure it's your dad, not somebody else's).

10 Walked the four miles around Breydon Water to the Berney Arms. It's inaccessible by road, so it's on with the hiking boots. There's a windmill and nature reserve.

Free entertainment on Great Yarmouth beach - watching the volleyball.

11 Crossed the River Yare at Reedham on the car ferry… you'll feel like you're going abroad!

12 Had a picnic in the sand at Eccles-on-Sea – and eaten eccles cakes!

13 Been up Nelson's Monument on the South Denes at Great Yarmouth. It's one of Norfolk's Seven Wonders.

14 Stood on the high dunes at Horsey and scoured the North Sea for seals. It won't be long before one bobs his head up… they're as curious about us as we are of them. Late Autumn through to Spring is the best time to see them.

15 Been round the other side of the River Yare to Gorleston-on-Sea and luxuriated on the enormous beach – this is where Victorian aristocracy came when the hoi polloi found they could afford to visit Great Yarmouth! The ice creams beside the boating pond are lush – or try the café further along the Promenade.

16 Raced up and down the Great Yarmouth Rows – their fascinating story is told at the superlative Time & Tide Museum.

17 Been inside Great Yarmouth Minster, formerly St Nicholas Church, and marvelled that you're in the largest parish church in the country.

18 Taken a slow early-evening saunter along the Golden Mile and Regent Road – imagine you're promenading in St Tropez (it's an easy mistake to make).

19 Watched the free Wednesday evening summer fireworks spectacular on the seafront.

20 Gone in the sea! (Go on, you know you want to – just once! Even if you only take off your shoes and socks and roll up your trouser legs).

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