Farm shops and delis

Norfolk has many farm shops, delicatessens and speciality food shops where you can find great Norfolk produce, from artisan bread and pastries to high welfare quality meat and cheeses.

Look out for foods that are in season, such as asparagus in the Spring and soft fruit in the Summer and Autumn. Or if you're buying out of season, look for jams and preserves to eat while you're here, or take home as a reminder of your time in Norfolk.

If you're staying in self-catering accommodation, then you definitely want to go shopping for local food. Otherwise it would be like going to Italy without eating pasta or France and not drinking the wine!

In north Norfolk in particular you'll find many small shops serving the local seafood and shellfish, from Cromer crab to Stiffkey cockles (called Stewkey blues) and Brancaster mussels. Try shucking a few oysters too while you're here!

Our top 10 Norfolk foods you must try!

Norfolk Food Heroes

Enjoy our Norfolk food heroes

Norfolk-born former chef Grant Townshend, of online deli Norfolk Food Heroes, takes us on a 'Culinary Journey' around the Norfolk's food and drink growers and producers.

I'm often asked, 'Is it really possible to have a deli that just sells food and drink that has been grown or produced locally in Norfolk'? Well, the simple answer is yes!

We have a large and wonderful range of produce waiting to be tasted and discovered, from unique cows and goats cheeses, including Mrs Temple's famous Binham Blue; superb cured meats to match the very best Spanish and Italian ones, such as Marsh Pig's Lomo, an air dried pork loin; Bray's famous scrummy pork pies and a great range of chutneys and preserves. Amongst my personal favourites are Candi's exotic Parsnip & Chilli Chutney and Essence's Strawberry & Elderflower Jam.

As you would expect from our very rural county, we grow the best fruits and cereals, used by producers such as Crush, to make their 'Super Hero' range of granola, Norfolk Brewhouse to brew exceptional craft beers and Norfolk Cordial to produce their range of cordials, including 'Wild Elderfower', another personal favourite.

As with all journeys, there are surprises in store. One such journey was discovering the award-winning Winbirri vineyard, set in twenty five acres of beautiful countryside just outside Norwich. Winbirri have planted varietal vines that have been specially cultured for our Northern European climate, including a recently released superb 'bubbly' to add to their range of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and other varietal wines.

It's really no surprise that barely a week goes by without picking up a national newspaper, magazine or reading a foodie blog to find they have 'discovered' the food riches that our county has to offer visitors and residents alike. One thing I discovered meeting these mainly small, inspirational growers and producers that stands out above all else is their hard work, dedication and passion.

Increasingly more delis are responding to the demand for locally produced food and drink, rather than just stocking the 'same, same' French cheeses, Italian cured meats etc, that we associate with the traditional deli. I would urge visitors to make their own 'culinary journey' to experience the wonderful bounty Norfolk has to offer.


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