Top places to visit in Norfolk

There are few counties in the country that are as diverse as Norfolk, with so many different personalities.

Looking for places to visit in Norwich, Norfolk & the surrounding areas? At the hub of it all is a thriving modern city with a magnificent cathedral and cherished medieval heritage.

Visit Norwich for the ideal place for retail therapy. Beyond Norwich there are well-preserved market towns and picturesque villages, from Georgian splendour to thatch and flint; an ancient landscape of cultivated arable fields and farms, grazing and pastureland, punctuated by the unique man-made Broads, the rolling countryside of south Norfolk, the sandy pine forests and heathlands of the Brecks and the wilderness wetlands of the Fens.

You'll soon notice the varying pace of life, from relaxed coastal villages that were once prosperous ports to the bustling metropolis.

Places to go in Norfolk include a delightful 93 miles of coast, much of it designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, topped and tailed by the seaside charms of Hunstanton and Great Yarmouth.

In between you'll discover the pine-fringed beaches and salt marshes of north Norfolk and the marram grass and dunes of the east.

Here's a challenge for you: try to find a horizon that isn't punctuated by a church tower. It's said that Norfolk has a greater concentration of medieval churches than anywhere on earth. To know why is to understand a lot about why Norfolk is still so unspoilt.

For many centuries the weaving industry, which nurtured towns like North Walsham and Worstead (yes, that's where the cloth gets its name from), brought immense wealth to the region. Norfolk was one of the most densely-populated areas in the country, certainly the most prosperous, and Norwich was second in size only to London. Then along came the Industrial Revolution, and the county's lack of fast-running water meant the trade moved elsewhere. At the time it meant economic disaster for the county. Now we reap the benefits in a landscape that has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years.

Norfolk has more than 6000 miles of road, more than any other county in the country, but no motorway. In December 2014, the full dualling of the A11 all the way to Norwich was completed at Elveden - now it's much easier to get to Norfolk!

Whether you are looking for an action-packed family holiday or a relaxing weekend break for two you'll find the part of Norfolk which is a perfect base for you. Then it's up to you how much exploring you want to do… or save for another time.

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