Norwich sightseeing

David McMaster of Norwich City Sightseeing open top bus tours gives us some of the highlights...

Norwich has a greater variety of things to see and do than perhaps any other provincial city in the country. It is difficult to select a few 'must see attractions' from the great variety offered by the city, but these are a few of my favourites.

You can visit the two Cathedrals, each with its own welcoming information centre, the Anglican Cathedral Hostry and the Roman Catholic Narthex. There's the handsome Norwich Castle and its splendid Hall, now a museum, which was amazingly built some nine hundred years ago. Like the Anglican Cathedral, the Castle was built by the Normans, although we can thank the Victorians for refurbishing the crumbling façade to the pristine exterior you’ll see today.

I would recommend the walk from the thirteenth century Adam and Eve public house (the oldest in the city) around the river Wensum, past the unique Cow Tower, to Pulls Ferry, one of the original entrance gates to the Cathedral precinct. A canal was built through this gate to ferry the stone brought from Caen in France, which was used to build the Castle and Cathedral.

Look for hidden gems such as the Victorian post box near the Memorial Gardens outside City Hall; the Octagonal Chapel which was said by John Wesley in 1757 'to be the most elegant chapel in Europe' and the magnificent Marble Hall in Surrey House, the original office of Norwich Union (now Aviva).

Take a walk around Millennium Plain to see an interesting mix of both new and old, The Forum and St Peter Mancroft church.

For those who love shopping, visit the largest permanent open air market in England with its gaily-coloured tilts (roofs) and the city's fantastic range of well-known national stores and the picturesque independent shops situated in an area called The Lanes.

And for the best view overlooking the entire city, go up Mousehold Heath to the north-east, close to the nineteenth century prison. From here you will see many of the city's most historic buildings… and you'll be standing on the site of where Robert Kett led his peasant rebellion against land enclosure in 1549.

Norwich is still abuzz with excitement and adventure… but it's now of a more peaceful nature.

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